Mikelson Yachts

2330 Shelter Island Drive, Suite 202, San Diego, CA 92106

2019 Mikelson Raft-Up July 25th-28th

Mikelson Yachts 2019 Raft-Up is July 25th to the 28th in La Playa, right by San Diego Yachts Club, inside San Diego Bay. To sign up please call Mikelson Yachts at (619)222-5007 or email Mikelson at info@mikelsonyachts.com and please have the following information ready; your name, your Mikelson’s name and size, your email, and your vessel documentation number. It is an amazing event filled with family fun and the perfect time to meet all the fellow Mikelson owners. You don’t want to miss it and hope to see you there!