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Here at Mikelson Yachts, we have a long history of excellence in the yacht-building industry. Starting in 1981, Dick Peterson and Patrick Sullivan made a name for themselves simply by building their own boat. By word of mouth and excellent craftsmanship, they started to build a following, and more boats. The Mikelson Yachts company was born, and is still going strong more than 40 years later.

The Mikelson Yachts mission is to build high quality and semi-custom cruisers and sportfishers. We are factory-direct, meaning that we are able to save customers from a 30%+ markup.

Our motto is, “A Revolution in Design,” and that is seen by our quality boats and work ethic. We’ve won numerous awards for our yachts, including the Bisbee Black and Blue Tournament and the Catalina Classic Tournament. We also provide a vast amount of different services to our clients, including training on their new boats, servicing their vessels, warranties, electrical work, diesel work, and Zeus engine servicing. Mikelson Yachts is an all-encompassing company, and we want to make your transition into yacht ownership seamless and exciting.

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From stem to stern, our design team will match your new vessel to your unique taste.

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From getting your vessel serviced to customizing your new yacht, our San Diego based team on Shelter Island has you covered.

If you would like to schedule a tour of one of our vessels, please click the button below to schedule an appointment and see the map link for door to door directions.

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Nick Theios / 619-861-2631

Nick Theios / 619-861-2631

Sam Sullivan / 619-756-1175

Sam Sullivan / 619-756-1175

PJ Sullivan / 619-993-1187

PJ Sullivan / 619-993-1187

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