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2330 Shelter Island Drive, Suite 202, San Diego, CA 92106

AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY: Mikelson 50′ Luxury Sportfisher

Located in San Diego California, this beautiful Mikelson 50′ Luxury Sportfisher is the perfect west coast cruising and fishing yacht with accomodations for the whole family. Available for immediate delivery means you are able to drive this Mikelson away from the dock just in time for summer!

NEW LISTING: 2016 Mikelson 43′ Zeus “Innervizion”

Want a new Mikelson but don’t want to wait for delivery? 2016 Mikelson 43′ Zeus “Innervision” is a close as you are going to find to a new Mikelson 43′ and you can drive it off the dock today! The Mikelson 43′ has 160 hours on her and is the only Mikelson 43′ available on the west coast brokerage market today. She won’t last long so call today to schedule a showing!

Mikelson Yachts Next Boat Show: Newport Beach Boat Show April 25th-28th, 2019

Wondering how to get aboard a beautiful Mikelson Yachts? Come on down and meet our sales team at the 2019 Newport Beach Boat show! Mikelson will have a Mikelson 50′ Demo Boat “Suspiro”, as well as, a Mikelson 43′ Zeus “Innervizion” in the 2019 Newport Beach Boat Show



Mikelson Yachts on The American Dream TV!! Available on Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video. Click the link above to check out the Mikelson Yachts segment!

2019 Mikelson Raft-Up July 25-28 in La Playa, inside San Diego Bay

2019 Mikelson Raft-Up July 25-28 please contact Mikelson Yachts at (619)222-5007 or email info@mikelsonyachts.com to sign up!!



San Diego Sunroad Boat Show January 24-27 2019

Mikelson will have a 2016 Mikelson 43′ Zeus’ “Innervision”, as well as, A 2018 Mikelson 50′ Demo boat “Suspiro” in the 2019 Sunroad Boat Show.

For more information please visit http://bigbayboatshow.com/ or contact Mikelson Yachts at (619)222-5007



Behind The Scenes: Mikelson Yachts on The American Dream TV

This is a behind the scenes look of an upcoming episode of The American Dream TV! The American Dream TV is available on Roku, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV.


Generation II Mikelson 50′ “Tokalon” Running Video

The latest running video of the Generation II Mikelson 50′ “Tokalon”

Generation II Mikelson 50′ “Tokalon” Interior Shots

Interior shots of the latest Generation II Mikelson 50′ “Tokalon”

What makes the Mikelson design so revolutionary?

Mikelson Yachts are unique in their aft engine design. One of the only sportfishing yachts available with the engines aft under the cockpit, the Mikelson boasts many advantages over our east coast competitors. (more…)