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Luxury Yacht Exterior Designers

At Mikelson Yachts, we have a legacy of excellence for the custom sport fishing yachts we produce due to the high emphasis we put on design, execution, and functionality. We want to be your go-to source for all of your custom sport fishing yacht manufacturing needs.

Impressive Exterior Designs

Mikelson Yacht Exterior

In terms of the exterior design, we want your Mikelson Yacht to be as stunningly designed as it is executed. The custom yacht exterior, including the doors, paint, windows, upholstery, and more can be customized to make sure that you as the client get exactly what you are looking for. We want to make the exterior work for what you are doing with it, whether you are fishing, cruising, entertaining, diving, and beyond. Let our designers run with your ideas, and we will find something that works best for you and your lifestyle. We go through several revisions of the layout, similar to a blueprint when you build a new home. We revise and adjust until we have the perfect blueprint for your yacht.

High Quality Products at Hand

Mikelson Yacht Exterior Chairs

We have experience with multiple types of construction materials and techniques. Some materials we routinely work with include: epoxy barrier and antifouling paint, fiberglass stringers, steel struts and rudders, and high strength fiberglass material. We pick the best materials to suit your needs. Looking to add a deck? We can easily do so, adding some great features like grover airhorns, stainless steel stanchions and railing, Navigation lights and anchor light, and so much more. We want your yacht to be sea-worthy and capable of getting you through wherever your journey takes you.

When it comes to luxury custom yacht design needs in Southern California, Florida, Arizona, Nevada, and beyond, you need to look no further than Mikelson Yachts. We offer premiere-level custom yacht design services, and will work hard to make the exterior of your yacht to your specifications and preferences. Contact us today to learn more.