Pod Drive System

Currently Available in the Mikelson 43 & Mikelson 50 Sportfishers

Mikelson Yachts has delivered over (30) Mikelson 43 Zeus Sportfishers

We literally have thousands of engine hours with tens of thousands of miles on the Zeus Drives and countless fish caught in between

The improved performance and range of the Zeus System clearly makes it the way of the future

The M43 is now available with the Cummins 6.7L QSB-550 Power Package

The Mikelson 43 and 50 Sportfishers are available with the Cummins Zeus Propulsion System. The advantages are dramatic.

The Mikelson 43 and 50 Sportfishers were uniquely designed by Tom Fexas with the engines aft, below the cockpit. The advantages of this design have been clearly proven as there are now more than 140 Mikelson 43’s and 50’s in operation. Better trim, better access, quieter operation, engine heat and odors do not penetrate the cabin…..these are just a few of the benefits. This design advantage makes the Mikelson 43/50 one of the only sportfish yacht widely found in today’s market, that will accept the pod drives as other sportfishers have mid-engines and the pod drives are designed for aft engine installations.

Cummins, as well as yachting magazines, have conducted tests on various yachts to determine the advantages of the Zeus system. The horizontal thrust combines with a dual propeller to increase speeds approximately 15% and to increase fuel efficiency approximately 30% over conventional drive systems. The increase in the speed of the Zeus will allow the Mikelson 43/50 to use a smaller engine size without sacrificing speed thereby increasing fuel efficiency even further. We have seen up to a 30% increase in fuel efficiency in the Mikelson 43 Zeus as compared the the M43 with conventional drives.

There are other significant benefits. The Zeus system comes standard with power steering, autopilot, and a twisting joystick for simplified boat handling. The pod drives steer independently so that the Captain has the ability to twist the yacht or move the yacht sideways easily with the joystick. This feature far exceeds the benefits of a bow thruster and it allows the novice Captain to handle the yacht like a professional. The Zeus pod drives also provide a shallower draft as they are tunnel drives so the already shallow draft of the Mikelson 43 is reduced even further to an amazing 3’03”, approximately. The Zeus exhaust is run through the propeller hubs for additional quiet and reduced emissions. There are optional features available like the “Sky hook” which will hold the yachts precise position and heading at the push of a button regardless of wind or current.

The Zeus Advantage

Zeus Test Data

Cummins MerCruiser Diesel (CMD) Testing:

“Extensive testing on Zeus-equipped boats reported impressive results in terms of efficiency and speed. For example, on a pair of identical 45-footers, one equipped with Zeus drives coupled to 425 hp diesels and the other with twin 500 hp straight inboards, the CMD engineers gained 4 mph in cruise speed with the smaller engines and 2 mph at top speed. And the ability to gain speed with smaller engines, which obviously burn less fuel, translated into a whopping 30 percent increase in efficiency at cruise, a truly impressive number.”