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Mikelson 57 – 2017 NW Adventure, Part II

Really Hooked III a Mikelson 57/In Octopus Islands on 7/29, day 3

Day Three, 7/29, the Farmers market in Gorge Harbor yielded a homemade raspberry sour cream pie and fresh scones. Dessert for tonight and breakfast tomorrow. After a leisurely morning we pulled out of Gorge Harbor at 2:00 PM for our date with the Surge Rapids. Had to negotiate an “S” shaped shortcut passage between Cortes and Marina Islands. No problem. RHIII responded well. Struck a course for the Hoskyn Channel and headed north. Arrived at the Surge Narrows about 20 minutes early for slack current. Waited for a sailboat to enter the channel figuring that if he could make it we certainly could. Breezed thru the preferred Beazley Passage between Peck and Stuart Islands.

The mountains along our routes are getting taller with the trees growing right down to the water. Arrived Octopus Islands at 4:15 PM by way of a narrow entrance channel from the North side. Channel has enough width for one boat at a time. We cruised in and searched for the perfect anchoring spot. We found a great cove not far from where I had anchored here on a friend’s boat about 12 or more years ago. Anchored in 16’ at low tide so no problem as we only require about 5’ to keep floating. Did some maintenance on the anchor locker and wash down hoses; hadn’t been cleaned out since last season. My anchor/docking crew (John and Karen) is doing a great job, no lacerations, broken bones or missing digits. We are getting a rhythm going with the anchoring and dinghy launching. Honed like a NASCAR team, not quite but great!! Took a dinghy tour of the Octopus Island area; since this is a Marine Reserve; no fishing or crabbing. Pictures only and leave no trash.
Had bratwursts with Brussels sprouts for dinner on the BBQ along with the sour cream pie. It is 9:15 PM; gen set is running for the house batteries.

Everyone is ready to turn in for the night.