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Mikelson 57 – NW Adventure, Part III

Day 5, 7/31 Cruise to Echo Bay from Lagoon Cove. Departed around 11 AM
since it is only a 23 mile run to Echo.
Headed north between Minstrel and Turnour Islands with fantastic weather; in the
70’s and no wind yet. Did a 90 degree turn to the west along Turnour Island
entering the lower end of the Knight Inlet; one of the longest inlets in the
Just before we turned off from the Knight Inlet to zig-zag thru a cluster of small
islets (basically just rock formations jutting out of the water), we encountered
another humpback whale. She (or he, a little had to tell) was more cooperative
with photos. We watched her roaming around for 15 minutes or so before
resuming our cruise.
We immediately ran into a bit of fog which necessitated cranking up the trusty
Furuno radar. We continued navigating just east of Midsummer Island before
heading northeast up the Retreat Passage, thru the Fox Group of Islands (this
made Connie even happier) and into the Cramer Passage. We are now on a
straight due east heading to Echo Cove arriving at around 2 PM.
If it seems at times that we are sometimes having to go east to get west; you are
correct. The Broughtons have literally hundreds of islands; if not thousands, large
and small. The channels and passages between the islands (and islets) run in all
The marina is not large but well protected from the evening winds that frequently
occur in this area. The dining room float is in the background. More about this
float in a moment.
Our home slip for the next 3 days.

The view from RHIII marlin tower. The floating Echo lodge dining room is in the

Rental bungalows on either side of Pierre’s private home.

Since it is daylight up here until 9 or so we decide to set the prawn and crab traps
for a few hours.
We are advised by the check in lady (wife of Pierre) that the prime rib dinner will
begin promptly at 6 PM; don’t be late, bring your own plates (2 plates, one for
dinner and the second for dessert), utensils, and beverages. She is a retired
school teacher and expects everyone to have a good time but with her rules in
Just to be safe, we arrive well before 6 PM and join another 60 or 70 other
boaters in a dining room that was built on top of a section of the first Lake
Washington floating bridge. It is a massive piece of floating concrete. I probably
drove my car over this piece when it was part of the floating bridge. Pierre paid
$12000 for the salvaged piece but had to pay an additional $20000 to get it
towed to Echo Bay for his lodge dining room.
Pierre is on the right in this photo getting ready to serve the prime rib.
Now that is a hunk of beef!!!