Mikelson Yachts

2330 Shelter Island Drive, Suite 202, San Diego, CA 92106

Mikelson 57 SW Adventure, Part VI

Day 12, Monday 8/7, We successfully run thru the Dent Rapids and arrive at the
entrance to the marina at 11 am. We have to wait about 30 minutes for our
assigned slip to become available after other boats leave the marina.
The wait is over and we are called on VHF channel 66A after a float (pontoon)
plane clears the dock. There are no roads to Dent Island Resort, the only way to
get here is by boat or plane. The same is true for many of the other marinas in
this area.

RHIII in the back ground, safely docked at the marina. Note the super yacht with
the blue hull, a mere 120 feet long (twice the length of RHIII).
RHIII will be in Dent Island Resort for two nights. If you have time check out the
resort website at dentisland.com.
Quite a facility with all of the amenities you would expect in a fancy hotel
including an exercise room, showers, a topnotch restaurant, and a large Jacuzzi
that overlooks the rapids.

They also have a fleet of fishing boats for hire with guides and specially built
boats to run the rapids with guests on board.
The Dent Rapids, like all rapids up here, reverse flow directions about every 6
hours per the tide/current tables. This provides boaters multiple opportunities
every day to safely pass through the rapids. Some of the opportunities however
occur at night and no one except the cruise and cargo ships travel at night
because of the floating log hazards.
Connie checking out one of the flood (incoming) tides from one of the resort’s
viewing areas.
Bungalows are scattered around the resort and are available for rent.
We made reservations for a special 4 course dinner on this first night. The
Resort’s assistant manager came by our boat with the menu in the afternoon to
take our selections for the dinner. Dock service if you will!
Connie with the “salmon” she just “caught” in the dining room.
With a black mouth, this salmon would be called a “Spring”, a King, or a Chinook;
all the same species with different names. I wish that I knew that last month as
my grandson Jake caught a nice salmon on our boat. We had to release it since
we were not sure if it was a legal species; Coho or Sockeye salmon were not
allowed to be kept at that time.
Dinner is served as you can see by the happy faces. It is time to enjoy with a
bottle of Pinot.
Tomorrow we will be enjoying our second day at the Dent Island Resort; no
traveling other than a dinghy ride or 2 for a change.
I am beginning to sound like a salesman for the resort. All I can say if you come
up here is “bring a bucket or 2 of money”; all this luxury does not come free!
Bye for now.