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Mikelson Yachts Performance Options

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Performance Driven by Innovation

When you’re at the helm of a Mikelson Yacht, you’re truly in control. Propelled by powerful diesel engines, custom yachts by Mikelson Yachts possess the power, range and efficiency that West Coast sportfishers require for those long journeys down to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, or as far north as Alaska. Mikelson Yachts has delivered quality sportfishing vessels to local captains in Southern California, Arizona, Nevada and to yachters the world over. Many are so pleased with our product that they often return to Mikelson Yachts when the time comes to buy their next luxury fishing yacht.

With all our models powered by extremely capable turbocharged Cummins or CAT diesel engines, every captain will have the capability to get to the best fishing spots quickly and efficiently. From the two 550-horsepower QSB Cummins Common Rail diesels in the Mikelson 43 to the twin 1,825-horsepower Caterpillar C32 ACERT turbo diesel engines in the 75-foot Mikelson 75 Luxury Sportfisher, Mikelson Yachts offers a wide selection of power options in our long-range yachts.

The Power of the Cummins Zeus Pod Drive

Zeus Pod Drive Propulsion System

The Mikelson 50 Luxury Sportfisher and the Mikelson 43 Zeus Sportfisher by Mikelson Yachts can be equipped with the much-lauded Zeus pod drive propulsionsystems that provide the best in efficiency, range and power all in one package. Pod drive systems are the latest innovation in yacht propulsion systems, and Mikelson Yachts is proud to offer them.

In side-by-side tests, pod drive propulsion systems have outperformed other drive systems in terms of power and efficiency. The Zeus pod drive by Cummins
increases performance without the need for a bigger engine by more effectively transferring power to propellers that spin in opposite directions. This means more miles per gallon, increased stability, a higher top speed and a longer range without the need for a larger fuel tank.

The package neatly combines the transmission and external pod into one tunnel-mounted system. Steerable with a joystick, the maneuverability allowed by the Zeus
pod drive is truly admirable. Slide into a dock easily using the intuitive joystick system that includes a twistable knob for spinning your Mikelson Yacht at a moment’s notice. Thanks to the tunnel-mounted design, cornering at speed with the Zeus pod drive is easy, comfortable and controllable.

Built to Order, Built to Perfection

Mikelson Yachts are built from the keel up to maintain perfect balance, comfort and luxury. Engines, fuel tanks and other amenities are positioned to ensure a consistent ride as fuel is depleted and so supplies are always within reach. The staff at Mikelson Yachts will work with you to make sure your next sportfishing yacht is kitted out with exactly what you need. Accessories suited for diving, fishing and pleasure cruising are readily available and can easily be installed on your yacht. Our expert staff members are eager to help you find the yacht that’s right for you.

Power Options

Model Features
M43 Zeus Sportfisher The 43-foot M43 Zeus is powered by the cutting-edge Cummins pod drive system that channels the power of the yacht’s twin 550-horsepower QSB Cummins Common Rail Diesels. The M43 can hold 600 gallons of fuel, but can be outfitted with an optional 200-gallon auxiliary tank to propel this pod drive boat even further.
M50 Luxury Sportfisher Twin 600-horsepower QSC Common Rail diesels provide ample power to this 50-foot luxury fishing yacht. The M50 can be equipped with the Cummins’ Zeus Pod Drive with drive-by-wire joystick technology for more efficient performance and more nimble navigation. A 1,000-gallon fuel tank provides plenty of range.
M57 Luxury Sportfisher On the M57 Luxury Sportfisher, choose the 715-horsepower QSM-11 Cummins or the 800-horsepower MAN Common Rail diesels. A 1,200-gallon fuel tank comes standard on this 57-foot luxury sportfishing.
M59 Nomad Sportfisher The Nomad Sportfisher long-range yacht is equipped with twin QSC-600 Cummins diesels that allow this sportfishing yacht to maintain a high cruising speed while staying extremely fuel-efficient. Inquire about more power options available on this luxury yacht. A 2,000-gallon fuel capacity means this yacht can easily operate on long-haul voyages.
M75 Long-Range Luxury Sportfisher The top-of-the-line M75 Luxury Sportfisher provides a spectacular 75-foot long-range luxury sportfishing vessel that is sure to make every voyage amazing. Twin 1,825-horsepower Caterpillar C32 ACERT turbo diesel engines power the M75 and the efficient engine sips fuel from massive 2,600-gallon fuel tanks.

About Mikelson Yachts

Mikelson Yachts is a San Diego-based yachtbuilder that provides a limited number of semi-custom yachts with build-to-order interiors to select customers on the West Coast, Nevada, Arizona, Florida and elsewhere around the world. Come view our amazing pod drive yachts for sale in San Diego today and learn more about our innovative propulsion systems. Talk to one of our helpful staff members so we can help you explore your options and go over what we options we can provide. We look forward to meeting you!