We get asked all the time why the Zeus Pod Drives are so efficient. And the answer actually is that they aren’t…the Pod Drives themselves are simply a means of propelling the vessel. What makes the Mikelson 43 Zeus Sportfisher so efficient, is our ability to use a smaller displacement engine (that burns less fuel) combined with the horizontal thrust of the Pod Drives (as opposed to an angled shaft).

We went from an 8.3L engine on the conventional drive Mikelson 43, down to a lighter and more efficient 6.7L engine on the Zeus model. That Pod Drive horizontal thrust then allows the boat to go just as fast (or even faster) while burning less fuel with that smaller motor.

43082 Sea Trial

The Zeus Pod Drives also offer incredible close quarter joy-stick maneuverability and anchorless anchoring via the ‘Sky Hook’ feature built into the Zeus Auto Pilot.

The Mikelson 43 Zeus Sportfisher will be displayed at the Newport Boat Show in Newport Beach, CA, April 27-30, 2017. She’s available for sea trial prior to and after the show. See for yourself just how incredibly efficient AND fast the Mikelson 43 Zeus really is.