Mikelson Yachts are unique in their aft engine design. One of the only sportfishing yachts available with the engines aft under the cockpit, the Mikelson boasts many advantages over our east coast competitors.

Nearly all of the competitive sportfishing yachts on the market (Viking, Hatteras, Bertram, Riviera, etc.) install their engines mid-ship under the salon and their fuel aft, under the cockpit.

Installing engines under the cockpit allows for a level transition between the cockpit and salon and only a minor transition from the salon into the forward part of the yacht. Since the salon floor does not need to be raised to accommodate engines, the structure of the flybridge is significantly lower. This lower center of gravity combined with the wide beam of the Mikelson, increases overall stability.

Additionally, the fixed weight of the engines aft does not affect the trim of the Mikelson as the fuel load changes. With the fuel in the center of gravity, the Mikelson raises and lowers evenly across her waterline instead of the just at the aft end of the boat like other yachts with mid-engine installations.

Noise, heat and engine room odors stay outside and do not make the salon loud, hot and uncomfortable. Engine room access is tremendous. Two large hatches over the engines open completely to allow access around the entire engine. Maintenance is much easier and labor costs are significantly reduced on the Mikelson.

Although the fuel is located beneath the salon sole on the Mikelson, the tankage only uses approximately half the space below. The Mikelson “under-salon” is a huge storage area that is easily accessed by lifting the forward salon steps. This massive storage space is yet another advantage of the revolutionary Mikelson Design.