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Mikelson Yachts Supports the Autism Tree Project Foundation

Mikelson Yachts at the Autism Tree Project Foundation Luncheon

Photo via Mikelson Yachts facebook

The team here at Mikelson Yachts is dedicated to making an impact in the communities that surround us. Autism is a disorder that is newly diagnosed in 1 in 68 children every single day, and is a prevalent issue in San Diego County given the high population here. With San Diego as our home, we wanted to make a difference. On October 4th, we were lucky enough to be a table sponsor at the Autism Tree Project Foundation luncheon. The Autism Tree Project Foundation is a far-reaching organization in San Diego County that helps provide resources to families in San Diego raising children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Their impact is huge, and we were lucky to be a part of the day!